Some Habits Die SLOW

Some of the habits you want to cut loose from your life the most are the very ones that try to hang on "til death do us part":) This past week has been filled with the stress and while it was great not to eat for a day due to over whelming nausea, upon returning home I yet again began grazing! I must have eaten over 6 times yesterday, yet nothing of importance. In fact I never even had a meal..just graze, after graze, after graze.

I would definitely call this wasted calories because it didn't even involve chocolate! Sometimes a piece of bread, sometimes a twirl of left over noodles, sometimes a cracker...just anything to bring hand to month. Today, I vow to start recording again. I'm even going to meet friends for lunch, so it will be a challenge not to eat those unlimited supply of chips and dip!

Today is a new day, so I need to focus on a new way of stress relief. I haven't quite found something to replace grazing for those stress overload times, but I will. Anyone have suggestions to anti graze? LOL

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